R&D Team

The company has always been adhering to the innovation consciousness of self transcendence by taking three vaccine research institutes as the core. Meanwhile, the company proactively manages to bring into full play of research advantages of R&D teams from 4 vaccine manufacturing enterprises, and proceeds with independent R&D in an attempt to provide human beings with innovative products of higher safety and immunogenicity. Presently, the company has 23 innovative vaccines under development as targeted at 13 diseases. R&D teams of the company include AIM Explorer and AIM Weixin specialized in bacterial vaccine platform technologies, Liverna specialized in mRNA technologies, Kanghuai and Rong’an Bio specialized in viral vaccine platform technologies and AIM Hissen dedicating to genetic engineering vaccine platform technologies. Furthermore, R&D Management Center of the Corporation is responsible for uniform registration of and application for R&D projects as well as clinical tests.


In addition to its own R&D teams, the company has also won high supports from External Science Advisory Committee. The Committee comprises distinguished scientists from China vaccine industry. Some of them once worked for Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and some others are still taking office at R&D centers of top universities in China. Any expert has his or her own expertise and focus, and is experienced.

Technical Platform
AIM Vaccine is a vaccine manufacturing enterprise that is in possession of 5 authenticated human vaccine technical platforms worldwide as represented by bacterial, viral, genetic engineering, integrated and mRNA vaccine platform technologies. This serves as the most important guarantee for R&D speed and flexibility on the part of the Corporation. As to any technical platform, AIM Vaccine has at least one ongoing vaccine subjecting to commercialization and preliminary clinical research. It should be noted that AIM Vaccine has developed 4 optional COVID-19 vaccines as respectively based on technologies on mRNA, inactivated virus, recombinant protein and adenovirus vector.
  • mRNA Vaccine Platform

    Technical Advantages
    · One-step synthesis of mRNA
    · Independently developed delivery system platform
    · Simultaneous humoral and T-cell immunity
    Representative Products
    · COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (under development)
    · Human rabies mRNA vaccine (under development)
  • Bacterial Vaccine Platform

    Technical Advantages
    · Specialized capsula polysaccharide preparation technology
    · Multi-carrier protein preparation technology
    · Multi-polysaccharide protein chemical coupling technology
    Representative Products
    · MPSV4
    · PCV13&PCV20 (under development)
    · MCV4 (under development)
  • Viral Vaccine Platform

    Technical Advantages
    · Covering mainstream culture medium of vaccine
    · Multi cell culture tools
    · Various patented technologies on technique control and optimization
    Representative Products
    · Rabies vaccine for human use
    · Bivalent HFMD vaccine (under development)
    · Second Generation Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine Against Delta Variant Strain(under development)
  • Genetic Engineering Vaccine Platform

    Technical Advantages
    · High yield and purity of expression antigen
    · Easy for mass production
    · High safety and minor side effect
    Representative Products
    · Hepatitis B vaccine
    · Broad-spectrum COVID-19 vaccine (under development)
    · Recombinant Nanoparticle Protein COVID-19 Vaccine(under development)
  • Combined Vaccine Platform

    Technical Advantages
    · Simultaneous prevention of numerous diseases
    · Significant reduction of inoculation frequency
    · Unique buffer system controlled antigen compatibility
    Representative Products
    · DTP-Hib combined vaccine (under development))

Upcoming Products


The company has always been striving for creation of an innovative and open research environment. This will enable scientists and institutes both in and outside of the Corporation to realize mutual sharing of various opinions and achievements for cooperation on relevant projects. This measure is of vital importance to accelerated development and commercialization of ongoing vaccines.

Cooperative project with Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center

Based on existing knowledge of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center on technologies on recombinant adenovirus vector, we have developed 2 new optional broad-spectrum recombinant adenovirus products for confrontation of coronavirus (including COVID-19 and its variant) and influenza. Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center is a clinical research and training center of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases affiliated to WHO as well as one of institutes in possession of bio-safety Level 3 laboratories in China. It is also one of the most distinguished institutes of infectious diseases worldwide. The Center has its own R&D team comprising more than 200 scientists (including world renowned scientists on etiology, epidemiology, vaccinology and Immunology.

Cooperative Project with Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Cooperation agreement for joint development of 2nd generation of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine against Delta variant was concluded in May, 2021.

External Science Advisory Committee comprising distinguished scientists in China vaccine industry