Corporate News
  • 2021-06-29

    Joint Sponsoring the Third China LNG Development Forum by ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd.

    The third China LNG Development Forum and Bohai Rim LNG Summit Forum with the theme of "High Quality Energy Integration, Farsighted Technology Development" was held in Langfang, Hebei Province from April 14 to 16. More than 400 representatives from government departments, domestic and foreign leading enterprises attended the forum. On the strategic background of energy revolution and “peak carbon emissions & carbon neutrality” goals, attendees discussed the trends, hot topics and difficulties in China natural gas industry. As the joint sponsor of the Forum, ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. ("ENN", in short 600803. SH) organized and participated in the Forum.

  • 2021-07-01

    ENN's first vessel of LNG was successfully unloaded at the Tianjin receiving station of the national pipeline network

    On April 1st, as the LNG vessel "Glory Sydney" from Australia begun unloading. This marks the successful unloading of ENN’s first LNG vessel at Tianjin Receiving Station of the National Pipeline network, and is also the first LNG vessel to be unloaded since Tianjin Receiving Station opened to third parties.

  • 2021-07-01

    Cooperation between Xindi Energy Engineering and Jinan Energy Engineering Group Jointly start a new chapter in innovation and cooperation

    On May 11, Xindi Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xindi Energy Engineering") and Jinan Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinan Energy Engineering Group") signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Jinan. Cooperate in many fields such as engineering, pipe corridor crossing e

  • 2021-06-29

    ENN's first quarter revenue was 25.849 billion CNY, a year-on-year increase of 48%

    On April 28, ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: ENN, stock code: 600803.SH) released the report of the first quarter of 2021.

    The report shows that in the first quarter, ENN’s operating income was 25.849 billion CNY, a year-on-year increase of 48%. The net profit attributable to listed company was 603 million CNY, a year-on-year increase of 98.5%, a significant improvement on business achievement. Operating net cash flow remains adequate and stable, with a net value of 485 million CNY.

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ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd.

ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ENN; Stock code: 600803) is one of the earliest listed enterprises in Hebei Province. After strategic upgrading, it has formed a business layout covering the whole natural gas scene, and is committed to becoming an intelligent ecological operator in the natural gas industry.

New shares the whole scene based on the natural gas industry, building industry intelligence platform, through the intelligent products fully energized ecological partners, to build the digital national/regional ecological, ecological resources, storage and transportation demand, financial ecology, ecological engineering ability, market, resources, distribution, financing, engineering intelligent matching, promote ecological natural gas to create co-prosperity.

  • intelligent distribution

    The company's natural gas retail business is to purchase natural gas. After gasification, pressure regulation, impurity removal, dehydration and odorization, the gas is delivered to the end users such as industry, commerce, residents and automobiles through the pipeline network. The company currently has 217 urban gas projects and 157,000 industrial and commercial customers.

  • high efficient mutual replenishment of multiple energy system

    Ubiquitous energy describes a geography-specific energy system that starts from user’s demand, with the full-value exploitation and utilization of energy at its core, prioritizes use of clean energy, integrates energy use and supply of multi-energy.

    The concept of ubiquitous energy arises in response to bottlenecks in traditional energy industry, such as centralized supplies, separate silos for development, isolated islands for operation, etc. The concept aims to address issues of inefficiency, pollution, ans safety issues in all processes from energy use, production, transmission, distribution and storage. Ubiquitous energy will revolutionize China’s energy industry and facilitate the building of modern energy system which is safe, efficient, clean and economical.

  • smart Infrastructure Operations

    The ENN LNG terminal in Zhoushan includes three functional jetties, which integrate multi-task/functions such as receiving and storage, gas/liquid sendout, reloading and redelivery, LNG bunkering, ship-to-ship transfer, and peak shaving into one stop shop. The LNG bunkering function is the first case for receiving terminals in China that can provide LNG refueling services for passing ships engaging in both international and domestic trade.

  • intelligent trade & distribution

    The company has established long-term strategic cooperation with China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec, CNOOC, Total, Chevron and other large domestic and foreign oil and gas resource providers, innovated resource procurement mode, and improved resource acquisition ability.

    It operates the largest LNG logistics network in China, with a transport capacity of about 1,500 vehicles and an annual transport capacity of over 10 billion cubic meters, ranking the first in China in terms of distribution capacity. We have built 63,000 kilometers of high pressure and high pressure urban pipelines, built more than 200 natural gas storage stations, and put in place an extensive natural gas storage and transportation network.

  • smart production

    The company has LNG liquefaction plants in Shanxi Qinshui, Chongqing and other domestic cities.

    We will promote clean coal use by relying on self-developed efficient and low-cost coal-to-natural gas technologies such as catalytic gasification and hydrogasification. A coal-to-gas base has been set up in Dalat Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, with an annual joint production of 200 million cubic meters of natural gas in 2018. With the new coal to gas technology as the core, we can provide customers with integrated solution services including technical consultation, engineering design, complete equipment, project construction and intelligent operation.

    The company has the mining right of Wangjiata Coal Mine, and the mining, washing and transportation of coal are all entrusted to the third party. The main raw material of methanol products of the company is coal, which is mainly purchased in and around Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. At present, the company has two sets of production facilities, with a total design capacity of 1.2 million tons/year. In 2020, the annual output of coal will reach 6.34 million tons, and the annual output of methanol will reach 1.48 million tons.

  • intelligent construction

    The company has Grade A design qualification in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, Grade A professional design qualification in municipal industry (gas and thermal engineering), Grade A professional design qualification for pipeline transportation in oil and natural gas industry, and Grade A qualification for general contracting of many construction projects. More than 8,000 kilometers of medium and high pressure pipelines have been laid in more than 20 provinces and overseas, including 3 LNG receiving stations, more than 10 LNG liquefaction plants.

    The company has formed the business model of "technology + core equipment, system integration and solutions", built the technology-driven integrated business chain of RDEPMC, and has the ability to independently undertake business such as technology research and development, consulting, system design, equipment integration and project management (conventional, comprehensive and traversal).

    In the era of digital intelligence, the company is guided by intelligent planning. Through intelligent construction, digital delivery and intelligent operation based on the Internet of Things, the company keeps iterating and depositing industrial intelligence, and provides full life cycle mid-platform services including intelligent investment, construction and operation, so as to meet customers' low-carbon, efficient and intelligent operation.