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ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd.

Smart ecological operator of natural gas industry

stock code 600803

ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ENN; Stock code: 600803) is one of the earliest listed enterprises in Hebei Province. After strategic upgrading, it has formed a business layout covering the whole natural gas scene, and is committed to becoming an intelligent ecological operator in the natural gas industry.

New shares the whole scene based on the natural gas industry, building industry intelligence platform, through the intelligent products fully energized ecological partners, to build the digital national/regional ecological, ecological resources, storage and transportation demand, financial ecology, ecological engineering ability, market, resources, distribution, financing, engineering intelligent matching, promote ecological natural gas to create co-prosperity.

Mission: Based on the whole ENN Austrian scenario, to promote intelligence with Internet of Things, to upgrade the industry with intelligence, and to be an intelligent ecological operator of natural gas industry

Vision: Improve the ability with industrial intelligence, make customers successful, create value easily, and share with satisfaction