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ENN Zhoushan LNG Receiving Station is the first large-scale private LNG receiving station in China, dedicated to becoming an open and shared commercial platform for LNG resources circulation in East China.


The receiving station has three functional terminals, integrating multiple services and functions such as unloadingstorage, gas and liquid transportation, distribution and transshipment, vessel filling, vessel passing, and emergency peak regulation. The function of vessel filling is the first case among domestic receiving stations, and LNG filling services can be provided for international and domestic passing vessels.


The first phase of ENN Zhoushan LNG receiving station has been put into operation by October 2018 and its annual processing capacity exceeds 3 million tons. The second phase of the expansion project is expected to be completed by 2021 and its maximum processing capacity is up to 8 million tons per year, while the long-term processing capacity is up to 10 million tons.