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ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. has LNG liquefaction plants in many domestic cities such as Shanxi Qinshui and Chongqing.

Rely on self-developed catalytic gasification, hydrogenation and other high-efficiency and low-cost coal-to-natural gas technologies to promote clean coal utilization. Established a coal-to-gas base in Dalate Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. In 2018, the industrialization demonstration was successful, with an annual joint production of 200 million cubic meters of natural gas. With new coal-to-gas technology as the core, it can provide customers with integrated solution services integrating technical consulting, engineering design, complete equipment, project construction and smart operation.

ENN owns the mining rights of Wangjiata Coal mine. The mining, washing, and export of coal are all commissioned to a third party. The main raw material of ENN's methanol products is coal, which is purchased in Ordos Ciry and surrounding areas in Inner Mongolia. ENN currently has two sets of production facilities with a total designed production capacity of 1.2 million tons per year. In 2020, the annual output of coal is 6.34 million tons, and the annual output of methanol reached 1.48 million tons.