Intelligent construction

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ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. has Grade A design qualifications in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, Grade A in municipal industry (gas and thermal engineering), Grade A in pipeline transmission industry of oil and gas industry, and various First Grade qualifications for general contracting for construction. Three LNG receiving stations, more than 10 LNG liquefaction plants and more than 8000 kilometres of medium-and high-pressure pipelines have been built in more than 20 provinces and overseas.

ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. has formed a business model of "technology + core equipment, system integration, solutions", built a technology-led RDEPMC integrated business chain, and possessed the ability to independently undertake business such as technology research and development, consultation, system design, equipment integration, project management (routine, comprehensive and cross-boundary).

In the area of digital intelligence, led by intelligent planning and through intelligent construction, digital delivery and intelligent operations, ENN continuously iterates and precipitates industrial intelligence, and provides life-cycle middleware services including intelligent investment, construction and operation to satisfy customer's low-carbon, efficient and intelligent operations.