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Future outlook

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E2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Facing the low-carbon transformation of the international energy market, domestic market-oriented reforms, and new opportunities for infrastructure construction, ENN will adhere to the path of sustainable development, based on the entire scene of the natural gas industry, promote intelligence with the Internet of Things, and upgrade the industry with intelligence, and is committed to Become a smart ecological operator in the natural gas industry.

Green development will paint a new picture of a beautiful ecology. We will continue to improve the environmental management system, increase investment in environmental protection, and provide customers with more green energy solutions; actively respond to climate change, practice green operations, and vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction; expand clean energy coverage of the population, and actively promote the efficient use of natural gas At the same time, under the dual-carbon goal, while doing our own multi-dimensional carbon reduction, we will take the demand-side thinking as the traction, and focus on the customer needs of "clean, safe, economical, efficient and convenient" to provide local conditions and clean energy. First, a digital and intelligent solution that complements multiple energies and integrates energy supply; secondly, strengthen the full life cycle management of carbon assets with carbon saving and carbon reduction as the core, and use innovative carbon reduction solutions and digital and intelligent products The way of empowerment will help enterprises, society, and the country achieve the "dual carbon" goal, and strive to achieve their own net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Responsibility is firmly planted, and a new chapter of harmonious development is written. We will further improve and standardize supplier management to create a good competitive environment for suppliers; adhere to customer-centricity, meet the differentiated needs of different customers, and continue to provide customers with satisfactory products and services; adhere to "people-oriented" management Philosophy, while protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees, pay attention to balancing the work and life of employees, and enhance their sense of belonging, sense of gain and happiness; adhering to the charity mission of "focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection, supporting education, and promoting social harmony", and actively carry out public welfare Volunteer service, sharing the fruits of enterprise development with the whole society.
"Use what I can to treat tomorrow." Facing the future, ENN will abide by its mission and join hands with all stakeholders to contribute more to the realization of sustainable economic, environmental and social development.